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Modern Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to lighting the interiors of your home, you cannot afford to ignore your bathroom. It is important to choose appropriate bathroom lighting that would not only provide illumination but also go with the d├ęcor of your bathroom. Bathroom lighting is a part of the broader category of home lighting. Remember that different kinds of bathroom designs require different kinds of lighting. The lighting you choose for your bathroom will be largely dependent on the room design, personal choice, as well as the bathroom setup. Make sure that the lighting in the bathroom is just right, not very bright and neither too dim.

Different home lighting options

Depending on your preferences you can choose from many kinds of bathroom lighting options: You can opt for ambient lighting in your bathroom. This mode of lighting in your bathroom actually plays the role of general lighting in the room. You can have recessed light fixtures, which are quite in vogue for bathroom lighting as this makes it possible for the lights to reach the corners of the bathroom. The typical sources for this lighting option are chandeliers, flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, and pendants.

o Try accent lighting for illuminating your bathroom as it accentuates the lighting in your bathroom. This lighting option is not a necessity, but can be used for creating a decorative and dramatic look for your bathroom.

o Task lighting for the bathrooms actually illuminates the area for specific activities like reading, using the toilet paper dispenser, or wash basin. You can have wall sconces at the sides of the mirror in your bathroom. Wall sconces offer extra task lighting; this is something that flush-mounted ceiling fixture cannot offer. Wall sconces use low-wattage bulbs, so there is no danger of the bulbs getting hot and cracking or breaking with water vapor contact.

 Best Pictures of Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom Lighting

o You can also choose to have natural bathroom lighting. This kind of lighting option is just perfect for small bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom to the right portion of the house, you can have a row of windows above for letting the natural light outside penetrate the bathroom.

Ambient bathroom lighting is a very popular choice For providing ambient illumination, the use of chandeliers and pendants are recommended. You need to keep in mind that bathrooms have the presence of a high degree of water vapor; this leads to the cracking of very hot bulbs which are exposed. Chandeliers and pendants have exposed bulbs, so think twice about their placement before having them installed.

It is wise to use flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, owing to the fact that these come with bulbs that are enclosed by a kind of cover. The cover is essential as it acts somewhat like a lamp shade and helps in diffusing the light as well as protecting hot bulbs from breaking and cracking from contact with water vapor. The best would be to have the right balance of ambient bathroom lighting and task bathroom lighting. This will give your bathroom proper illumination and make your bathroom experience worthwhile.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Fancy a new bathroom but can't stretch to a new bathroom suite - just change the light fittings! It's astounding how much difference something as simple as a new ceiling light can make. And there's such a variety of bathroom ceiling lights on offer that you're bound to find one to fall in love with. The thing to remember about bathroom decor is that functionality is key, and it's your choice of lighting that will dictate the practicality of your bathroom -or otherwise. The good thing is that the current crop of lighting designers seems to have cottoned on to this and have managed to combine supreme functionality with stunning good looks. One way to combine functionality with good looks is by choosing a fitting that is adjustable, both in terms of light levels and light direction. You could, of course, also achieve the same result by a clever combination of ceiling lights and wall lights.

Light levels are easily managed by the use of dimmer switches. Bear in mind though that all switching will need to be outside of the bathroom in order to conform to European Bathroom Lighting Regulations. Whilst putting in that dimmer switch, it also makes sense to switch your bathroom lighting separately, which will give you greater flexibility in terms of mood setting - something that is now viewed as essential when it comes to illuminating the smallest room.

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Bathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling Lights
Variable direction of light isn't difficult to achieve either, with many halogen and LED fittings coming on some variation of moveable support. LED light, in particular, is wonderfully directable, which makes it ideal as task lighting. LED ceiling lights installed strategically can be directed at mirrors and other areas, such as vanity units, thus eliminating shadows and providing the perfect illumination for shaving and making up. Style-wise there's an enormous range of ceiling lights designed specifically for bathrooms on the market: from neatly recessed through flush fitting - all the way to chandeliers! Probably the best advice here is to go for one style and stick to it throughout the room. Having said that, a dressy pendant ceiling light in an otherwise minimalist bathroom would certainly give you the wow factor! Don't make the mistake of thinking that ceiling light fittings are old hat. Combine bathroom ceiling lights with wall lights, shower lights and plinth lights and you'll find that they will become the lynch-pin of your bathroom lighting scheme. One final word of wisdom: don't scrimp on your home lighting, whether bathroom or other room. Good quality, well installed lighting is actually an investment - and a good looking one at that.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

One of the easiest things about having kids is decorating their bathroom. If you know your child’s likes and dislikes, modeling your child’s bathroom will be easy-peasy. Whenever it is that you do decide to give your kid his/her own bathroom, remember to reduce everything to the size of your child- including the size of the bathroom. For example, the sink, the tap and all the other fixtures have to be installed and fitted at about the same height as the child. You will however, have to keep adjusting the height of said fixtures as your child keeps growing. Even though you are installing the fixtures at a lesser height that usual, don’t deviate from the adult sized fixtures. There are different kinds of fixtures in the market for kids’ bathrooms varying in size, colour and type. Whatever colour and type you go in for, stick to the adult size fixtures. The walls of the bathroom should be something bright and beckoning. It’s a tough job getting kids to bathe on their own, or bathe at all for that matter; a pale somber adult colour is certainly not going to help matters. Create a theme for the bathroom based on their favourite character of movie. Spongebob Sqaurepants, for example, or Pirates of The Caribbean is something that you could turn into a bathroom theme.

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Kids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom Ideas

Right from the shower curtains to the towels to the mats on the floor can be made with the theme. There are ready-made themes already ready for you to install in your bathroom. All your child and you have to do is, pick one! In case you have 2 children sharing a bathroom, you could go in for a unisex theme, like animals or a collage of cartoon characters. No matter how fancy you make your child’s bathroom, remember that safety is of top priority here. Safe and easy navigation through the bathroom followed by the best materials used to model your kids’ bathroom should be taken care of first. Being a parent, you probably don’t need to be told this, but a little re-enforcement now and then never goes waste!

Kitchen Backsplash Gallery

One appeal of the kitchen is unique backsplash. Kitchen backsplash is a wall between the cabinets and countertop in your kitchen. The most enjoyable thing about the backsplash is you can choose from a variety of materials. The selection of the type and backsplash installation hinges on your imagination and creativity. You can choose the material and style of backsplash by only of function, only the design, or combine those two aspects. Not only serves as a protective wall in the kitchen of splashing water, oil, and food while cooking, backsplash can also be an attractive decorative. Backsplash could even be a center of attraction of the kitchen as a whole.

Every now and then you will definitely feel annoyed at having to constantly clean the kitchen, and was disgusted with the dirt on the wall. Installing backsplash will resolve the issue. Kitchen backsplash ideas can help you get a slick, easy to clean, and complements the beauty of the kitchen. Installation backsplash chosen because the surface is more easily cleaned than drywall or gypsum board. With the right material and interesting design, backsplash can be a central point or add value to the overall aesthetics of the kitchen.

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Kitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash GalleryKitchen Backsplash Gallery

There are many choices of materials and determination of the design which is much unlimited. Before you choose the material, color, design, or shades of the backsplash, you should plan well, what kind of backsplash that you want to create in your kitchen so can beautify your kitchen as a whole?

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Kitchen Photo Gallery

While an ultra modern kitchen with its sleek uncluttered lines has a lot of appeal classic kitchens can also be tremendously stylish. A classic kitchen does not need to be overly elaborate and have too many embellishments such as ornate moldings and canopies. This type of kitchen is timeless and can be a little eclectic and whimsical. The appeal of the  classic kitchen lies in never becoming outdated. Modern classic kitchens incorporate design elements such as raised panel doors and often include a variation of textures and colours. The various textures and colours are mixed in a tasteful manner to highlight certain areas and elements within the kitchen. Examples of this design technique are a combination of high gloss finishes and textured wood grain.

The most used colour in classic kitchens is white, the reason for this is that white never goes out of fashion, and also allows you to easily add other colour elements to the design. Other good colour choices include cream, beige and light tan that will also allow you to achieve a timeless, elegant kitchen design. The modern classic kitchen design works very well with wood flooring or floor tiles in either black and white or other neutral colour combinations. Kitchen cupboards with glass doors are also a great idea to incorporate in this kitchen design.

The kitchen designer will also consider modern kitchen design and layout practices when designing classic kitchens, the working triangle remains just as vital in this type of design. make sure that you have enough kitchen worktop space for food preparation and you can easily access the the important areas in the kitchen. It is also important to include storage space  for the various kitchen appliances etc. The classic kitchen design also often includes such elements as open plate racks and hanging rails for kitchen implements. Book and display shelves are also often included design elements. Good choices for worktop surfaces in classic kitchens are natural granite, Proquartz, Caesarstone and solid wood worktops.

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Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery