Friday, August 15, 2014

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Fancy a new bathroom but can't stretch to a new bathroom suite - just change the light fittings! It's astounding how much difference something as simple as a new ceiling light can make. And there's such a variety of bathroom ceiling lights on offer that you're bound to find one to fall in love with. The thing to remember about bathroom decor is that functionality is key, and it's your choice of lighting that will dictate the practicality of your bathroom -or otherwise. The good thing is that the current crop of lighting designers seems to have cottoned on to this and have managed to combine supreme functionality with stunning good looks. One way to combine functionality with good looks is by choosing a fitting that is adjustable, both in terms of light levels and light direction. You could, of course, also achieve the same result by a clever combination of ceiling lights and wall lights.

Light levels are easily managed by the use of dimmer switches. Bear in mind though that all switching will need to be outside of the bathroom in order to conform to European Bathroom Lighting Regulations. Whilst putting in that dimmer switch, it also makes sense to switch your bathroom lighting separately, which will give you greater flexibility in terms of mood setting - something that is now viewed as essential when it comes to illuminating the smallest room.

Best Pictures of Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Bathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling LightsBathroom Ceiling Lights
Variable direction of light isn't difficult to achieve either, with many halogen and LED fittings coming on some variation of moveable support. LED light, in particular, is wonderfully directable, which makes it ideal as task lighting. LED ceiling lights installed strategically can be directed at mirrors and other areas, such as vanity units, thus eliminating shadows and providing the perfect illumination for shaving and making up. Style-wise there's an enormous range of ceiling lights designed specifically for bathrooms on the market: from neatly recessed through flush fitting - all the way to chandeliers! Probably the best advice here is to go for one style and stick to it throughout the room. Having said that, a dressy pendant ceiling light in an otherwise minimalist bathroom would certainly give you the wow factor! Don't make the mistake of thinking that ceiling light fittings are old hat. Combine bathroom ceiling lights with wall lights, shower lights and plinth lights and you'll find that they will become the lynch-pin of your bathroom lighting scheme. One final word of wisdom: don't scrimp on your home lighting, whether bathroom or other room. Good quality, well installed lighting is actually an investment - and a good looking one at that.

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