Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kitchen Photo Gallery

While an ultra modern kitchen with its sleek uncluttered lines has a lot of appeal classic kitchens can also be tremendously stylish. A classic kitchen does not need to be overly elaborate and have too many embellishments such as ornate moldings and canopies. This type of kitchen is timeless and can be a little eclectic and whimsical. The appeal of the  classic kitchen lies in never becoming outdated. Modern classic kitchens incorporate design elements such as raised panel doors and often include a variation of textures and colours. The various textures and colours are mixed in a tasteful manner to highlight certain areas and elements within the kitchen. Examples of this design technique are a combination of high gloss finishes and textured wood grain.

The most used colour in classic kitchens is white, the reason for this is that white never goes out of fashion, and also allows you to easily add other colour elements to the design. Other good colour choices include cream, beige and light tan that will also allow you to achieve a timeless, elegant kitchen design. The modern classic kitchen design works very well with wood flooring or floor tiles in either black and white or other neutral colour combinations. Kitchen cupboards with glass doors are also a great idea to incorporate in this kitchen design.

The kitchen designer will also consider modern kitchen design and layout practices when designing classic kitchens, the working triangle remains just as vital in this type of design. make sure that you have enough kitchen worktop space for food preparation and you can easily access the the important areas in the kitchen. It is also important to include storage space  for the various kitchen appliances etc. The classic kitchen design also often includes such elements as open plate racks and hanging rails for kitchen implements. Book and display shelves are also often included design elements. Good choices for worktop surfaces in classic kitchens are natural granite, Proquartz, Caesarstone and solid wood worktops.

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Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery Kitchen Photo Gallery

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