Friday, August 15, 2014

Modern Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to lighting the interiors of your home, you cannot afford to ignore your bathroom. It is important to choose appropriate bathroom lighting that would not only provide illumination but also go with the d├ęcor of your bathroom. Bathroom lighting is a part of the broader category of home lighting. Remember that different kinds of bathroom designs require different kinds of lighting. The lighting you choose for your bathroom will be largely dependent on the room design, personal choice, as well as the bathroom setup. Make sure that the lighting in the bathroom is just right, not very bright and neither too dim.

Different home lighting options

Depending on your preferences you can choose from many kinds of bathroom lighting options: You can opt for ambient lighting in your bathroom. This mode of lighting in your bathroom actually plays the role of general lighting in the room. You can have recessed light fixtures, which are quite in vogue for bathroom lighting as this makes it possible for the lights to reach the corners of the bathroom. The typical sources for this lighting option are chandeliers, flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, and pendants.

o Try accent lighting for illuminating your bathroom as it accentuates the lighting in your bathroom. This lighting option is not a necessity, but can be used for creating a decorative and dramatic look for your bathroom.

o Task lighting for the bathrooms actually illuminates the area for specific activities like reading, using the toilet paper dispenser, or wash basin. You can have wall sconces at the sides of the mirror in your bathroom. Wall sconces offer extra task lighting; this is something that flush-mounted ceiling fixture cannot offer. Wall sconces use low-wattage bulbs, so there is no danger of the bulbs getting hot and cracking or breaking with water vapor contact.

 Best Pictures of Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom LightingModern Bathroom Lighting

o You can also choose to have natural bathroom lighting. This kind of lighting option is just perfect for small bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom to the right portion of the house, you can have a row of windows above for letting the natural light outside penetrate the bathroom.

Ambient bathroom lighting is a very popular choice For providing ambient illumination, the use of chandeliers and pendants are recommended. You need to keep in mind that bathrooms have the presence of a high degree of water vapor; this leads to the cracking of very hot bulbs which are exposed. Chandeliers and pendants have exposed bulbs, so think twice about their placement before having them installed.

It is wise to use flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, owing to the fact that these come with bulbs that are enclosed by a kind of cover. The cover is essential as it acts somewhat like a lamp shade and helps in diffusing the light as well as protecting hot bulbs from breaking and cracking from contact with water vapor. The best would be to have the right balance of ambient bathroom lighting and task bathroom lighting. This will give your bathroom proper illumination and make your bathroom experience worthwhile.

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