Friday, August 15, 2014

Kids Bathroom Ideas

One of the easiest things about having kids is decorating their bathroom. If you know your child’s likes and dislikes, modeling your child’s bathroom will be easy-peasy. Whenever it is that you do decide to give your kid his/her own bathroom, remember to reduce everything to the size of your child- including the size of the bathroom. For example, the sink, the tap and all the other fixtures have to be installed and fitted at about the same height as the child. You will however, have to keep adjusting the height of said fixtures as your child keeps growing. Even though you are installing the fixtures at a lesser height that usual, don’t deviate from the adult sized fixtures. There are different kinds of fixtures in the market for kids’ bathrooms varying in size, colour and type. Whatever colour and type you go in for, stick to the adult size fixtures. The walls of the bathroom should be something bright and beckoning. It’s a tough job getting kids to bathe on their own, or bathe at all for that matter; a pale somber adult colour is certainly not going to help matters. Create a theme for the bathroom based on their favourite character of movie. Spongebob Sqaurepants, for example, or Pirates of The Caribbean is something that you could turn into a bathroom theme.

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Kids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom IdeasKids Bathroom Ideas

Right from the shower curtains to the towels to the mats on the floor can be made with the theme. There are ready-made themes already ready for you to install in your bathroom. All your child and you have to do is, pick one! In case you have 2 children sharing a bathroom, you could go in for a unisex theme, like animals or a collage of cartoon characters. No matter how fancy you make your child’s bathroom, remember that safety is of top priority here. Safe and easy navigation through the bathroom followed by the best materials used to model your kids’ bathroom should be taken care of first. Being a parent, you probably don’t need to be told this, but a little re-enforcement now and then never goes waste!

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